Viya’s offerings are the sun and the peacock and all the colour of life in between.

We draw upon the rich narratives from the Indian history of myths, fables, and our collective imagination, where every act has significance, where every object has the right to tell its story. Our products are designed to bring joy into the heart and home.

Viya is a contemporary expression of Indian craftsmanship. We welcome you into our eclectic world.

About our Founder

Vikram Goyal articulates a new language of design through experiments with craft practices and an intelligent approach to materiality. His keen interest in global culture and collective experiences merge with an expertise of material and technique.

Recognized for his contributions to Indian design, Goyal’s expansive perspectives are equally defined by an unwavering commitment to India - from the revival of age-old crafts, to its future possibilities. Residing in New Delhi, Goyal’s body of work includes his artistic practice and private commissions.


A considered balance between artistry and design, our creative process allows all our offerings to tell unique stories. Viya objects are embedded with the intergenerational knowledge and skills of craft practitioners, and are made from a remarkable palette of exceptional materials.